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How it all began...

GBD Cakes and Sweets is a family owned and operated cake shop that began with the collaboration of mother and daughter, Maria and Victoria Maya.  It  all began in their home kitchen with the help of social media. After posting pictures of a cake made for a family gathering on Facebook. Shortly after acquaintances began inquiring and before they knew it, they had their first order.   As interest began to grow in  Maria and Victoria's sweet creations they quickly began to see that there was a great potential.



It was then that Maria Maya decided to enroll in Le Cordon Bleu’s Patisserie program, graduating as a Certified Pastry Chef in 2012. With Maria's professional techniques and Victoria's artistic abilities, as a graduate of the University of Chicago's Visual Arts program, their craft and passion took off. 


They continued to take orders, from cupcakes and cookies to custom cakes and a variety of sweets items.  Also catering for various Chicago organizations like the International Chicago Latino Cultural Center, the Latino Film Festival, Gilda’s Club Chicago, and Fiesta del Sol, to name a few. After 3 years they decided to take the next step and move their blossoming home business into a retail-space.


Through tremendous family effort  Maria and Victoria's dream became a reality when the doors of GBD Cakes and Sweets opended in June 2014. 


7 years and a pandemic later we made the decision to move closer to home. We are still a 2 woman team working on each and every order with lots of time and attention. We continue to create amazing cakes and custom sweets for our customers and we look forward to expanding and growing our new shop.

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