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Classic Cookies

By Order: Minis start $18 Per Dozen (NO FILLED OPTIONS)

Standard size start at $36+tax per dozen. Custom decor is extra based on design.

Vanilla Vanilla- Classic vanilla butter cake topped with vanilla Buttercream and rainbow sprinkles


Cookies and Cream- Classic chocolate cake topped with vanilla buttercream and oreo crumble.


Salted dulce de leche on Chocolate OR Vanilla Cake- Rich chocolate or classic vanilla cupcake topped with a salted dulce de leche buttercream.


Strawberry Vanilla- Classic vanilla cupcake topped with fresh strawberry buttercream.


Chocolate Chocolate- Rich chocolate cake topped with Chocolate buttercream and chocolate shavings.


Horchata- Mexican rice water flavored cake with vanilla swiss buttercream dusted in cinnamon sugar.

Mexican Hot Chocolate- Rich chocolate cinnamon cupcake topped with chocolate buttercream.

Funfetti - Vanilla cake cupcake with rainbow sprinkles baked in topped in either chocolate or vanilla buttercream 

Marble- Vanilla and chocolate swirled cupcake topped with vanilla and chocolate buttercream

Red Velvet- The classic subtle, chocolate cake. Topped with cream cheese frosting.


Carrot- Fresh carrot and walnut cake. Topped with cream cheese frosting.

Raspberry filled lemon- Sweet and tangy lemon cake cupcake filled with raspberry preserves and topped with classic vanilla butter cream. 


Birthday Cake- Vanilla sponge cake filled with fresh glazed strawberry topped with vanilla whipped cream.


Chocolate Cream- Rich chocolate cake filled with fresh whipped cream and topped with chocolate gananche.


Flan Filled- Caramel cake stuffed with flan topped with vanilla whipped cream.


Hummingbird- Banana, pineapple, pecan cake. Topped with cream cheese frosting


Italian Cream- Coconut, pecan cake with cream cheese frosting.

Cheese Cake

6in- serves 4-8- $25+tax. 

9in- serves 12-16- $40+tax

12in- serves 24-30- $65+tax

Cupcakes- $40+tax per dozen

Dulce de Leche Drizzle

Chocolate Ganache Drizzle

White Chocolate Ganache Drizzle

Fresh Strawberry Topping 


With or without Walnuts. $36+tax per dozen

By order only. At least 72 hours notice

 $20 Per Dozen 

Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Chip Pecan

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip


Mexican Hot Chocolate

Lunchroom Butter

Butter Pecan 

Double Chocolate Chip

Peanut Butter (plain or chocolate dipped)

Triple Chocolate

Hojarasca (Oh-Ha-Ras-Kah)


Decorated Cookies

Custom decorated cookies start at $36+tax per dozen.
Price is dependent on cookie size and design.
We ask for at least 2 weeks notice.

Choice of
Butter cookie
Vanilla sugar cookie 
Chocolate sugar cookie 

Baked Donuts 

 $24 Per Dozen 


Coconut crunch 


White chocolate dipped 

Chocolate dipped 

Double Chocolate 

Chocolate Frosted

Nutella Glazed 

Choco-Nut Crunch 

Strawberry Glazed

Lemon Glazed

Red Velvet


By Order Only

Starting at $24+tax per dozen for house decor

Starting at $36+tax per dozen for custom decoration. 






Cookies N' Cream

Dulce De Leche 


Red Velvet 

Mexican Hot Cholcolate 

Triple Chocolate 

Cookie Dough

We ask for 2 weeks notice on custom decorated treats and
at least 3-5 days notice on
house decorated treats.

Sweet Table Treats

Oreo Pops/Chocolate covered oreos- Starting at $30+tax per dozen 

Rice Krispie Pops- Starting at $24+tax per dozen

Marshmallow Pops- Starting at $24+tax per dozen

Chocolate Dipped pretzel (rods or twists)- Starting at $21+tax per dozen

Chocolate Covered Strawberries- Starting at $30+tax per dozen

Chocolate Covered Apples-Starting at $48+tax per dozen

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